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The repeated presentation of visual targets yields significant improvements of psychophysical thresholds, and in the present paper corresponding alterations in neurophysiological activity of the human brain are reported. A group of 23 healthy adults was investigated in a psychophysical experiment in which hyperacuity thresholds were determined repeatedly(More)
Lumbar stenosis has been well discussed recently, especially at the 64th French Orthopaedic Society (SOFCOT: July 1989). The results of different surgical treatments were considered as good, but the indications for surgical treatment were not clear cut. Laminectomy is not the only treatment of spinal stenosis. Laminectomy is an approach with its own rate of(More)
The Monitor of Cerebral Function enables continuous monitoring of the cerebral electrical activity and this over long periods due to the slow recording speeds. The cerebral electrical signals picked up by the electrodes attached to the scalp are registered in the form of a curve which fluctuates to a greater or lesser extent depending on the recording(More)
BACKGROUND The treatment of large volume bladder stones by current equipments continues to be a management problem in both developing and developed countries. AH-1 Stone Removal System (SRS) invented by us is primarily used to crush and retrieve bladder stones. This study evaluated the safety and efficiency of transurethral cystolitholapaxy with SRS for the(More)
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