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Early diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis followed by early initiation of treatment, prevent the destruction of joints and progression to disability in the majority of patients. A traditional X-ray fails to capture early inflammatory changes, while late changes (e.g. erosions) appear after a significant delay, once 20-30% of bone mass has been lost.(More)
Psoriatic arthritis is one of the spondyloarthritis. It is a disease of clinical heterogenicity, which may affect peripheral joints, as well as axial spine, with presence of inflammatory lesions in soft tissue, in a form of dactylitis and enthesopathy. Plain radiography remains the basic imaging modality for PsA diagnosis, although early inflammatory(More)
BACKGROUND The objective of this study was a comparative evaluation of radiography and MRI in the diagnostics of sacroiliitis in patients with a clinical diagnosis of spondyloartropathy, according to the current ASAS criteria. MATERIAL/METHODS Sacroiliac joints radiograms and MRI were conducted in 101 consecutive patients, aged 19-71 yrs (mean age: 40.6(More)
Juvenile idiopathic arthritis is the most common autoimmune systemic disease of the connective tissue affecting individuals at the developmental age. Radiography is the primary modality employed in the diagnostic imaging in order to identify changes typical of this disease entity and rule out other bone-related pathologies, such as neoplasms, posttraumatic(More)
Radiological imaging plays a fundamental role in the diagnosis and monitoring of rheumatic diseases. The basic method of imaging is a classic X-ray picture, which for many years has been used as a single method for the recognition and evaluation of the effects of disease management. In today's modern day treatment of rheumatic diseases, ultrasonography and(More)
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