Genoveva F. Esteban

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The temperature-size rule (TSR) is an intraspecific phenomenon describing the phenotypic plastic response of an organism size to the temperature: individuals reared at cooler temperatures mature to be larger adults than those reared at warmer temperatures. The TSR is ubiquitous, affecting >80% species including uni- and multicellular groups. How the TSR is(More)
  • José Luis Olmo, Genoveva F Esteban, Bland J Finlay
  • 2011
Colpodella gonderi is the only ectoparasitic flagellate of ciliated protozoa described thus far. This investigation reveals new records of C. gonderi retrieved from soil samples in southern Scotland, UK. Of fourteen ciliates species identified in one single occasion, three of them, Colpoda steinii, Pseudoplatyophrya nana and Grossglockneria acuta, were(More)
As the foundations of food webs, protozoa are essential to the success of an ecological system. These organisms are often overlooked, and research in the Americas is sparse. Recent samplings conducted in freshwater canals and ponds in Florida, USA, have revealed Loxodes rex, an alleged endemic ciliate species. Originally described as endemic to tropical(More)
This study, based within the catchment area of the River Frome, an important chalk stream in the south of England, compared ciliated protozoan communities associated with three species of aquatic macrophyte common to lotic habitats: Ranunculus penicillatus subsp. pseudofluitans, Nasturtium officinale and Sparganium emersum. A total of 77 ciliate species(More)
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