Genny M. Maupin

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  • P Reiter, M Turell, +13 authors T Ksiazek
  • 1999
During the final weeks of a 6-month epidemic of Ebola hemorrhagic fever in Kikwit, Democratic Republic of the Congo, an extensive collection of arthropods was made in an attempt to learn more of the natural history of the disease. A reconstruction of the activities of the likely primary case, a 42-year-old man who lived in the city, indicated that he(More)
The Elispot effectively measures the frequencies of cells secreting particular molecules, especially low-frequency cells such as antigen-specific T cells. The Fluorospot assay adapted this analysis to two products per cell, and this has now been extended to three-color measurement of both mouse and human cytokine-secreting cells. Due to the increased data(More)
depar depar depar depar department of health and human ser tment of health and human ser tment of health and human ser tment of health and human ser tment of health and human services vices vices vices vices Tickborne relapsing fever (TBRF) is a bacterial illness caused by certain species of Borrelia and transmitted through brief and painless bites from(More)
We devised a simple and reliable method of profile analysis for facial plastic surgery. Profile photographs are taken with the natural head position technique. Key cephalometric landmarks are then identified and digitalized from either photographs or slides, using a digitalizer with a resolution of 0.001 in. The digitalizing pad is connected to a(More)
BACKGROUND Aeromedical evacuation providers care for patients during air transport. By applying standard medical practices, oftentimes developed for ground care, these practitioners perform their mission duties under additional physical stress in this unique medical environment. Awkward postures and excessive forces are common occurrences among personnel(More)
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