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Compressed sensing is a sampling technique which provides a fundamentally new approach to data acquisition. Comparing with traditional methods, compressed sensing makes full use of sparsity so that a sparse signal can be reconstructed from very few measurements. A central problem in compressed sensing is the construction of sensing matrices. While random(More)
Frequency-hopping multiple-access (FHMA) spread spectrum communication systems employing multiple frequency shift keying as data modulation technique were investigated by Fuji-Hara, Miao and Mishima [10] from a combinatorial approach, where a correspondence between frequency-hopping sequences and partition-type cyclic difference packings was established,(More)
The determination of weight distribution of cyclic codes involves the evaluation of Gauss sums and exponential sums. Despite some cases where a neat expression is available, the computation is generally rather complicated. In this note, we determine the weight distribution of a class of reducible cyclic codes whose dual codes may have arbitrarily many(More)
Multimedia fingerprinting is an effective technique to trace the sources of pirate copies of copyrighted multimedia contents. Separable codes were introduced to detect colluders taking part in the averaging attack, which is the most feasible approach to perform a collusion attack. In this paper, we provide some improved bounds for the size of separable(More)
The centralized coded caching scheme is a technique proposed by Maddah-Ali and Niesen as a solution to reduce the network burden in peak times in a wireless network system. Yan et al. reformulate the problem as designing a corresponding placement delivery array and propose two new schemes from this perspective. These schemes above significantly reduce the(More)
The theory of cyclotomy dates back to Gauss and has a number of applications in combinatorics, coding theory, and cryptography. Cyclotomy over a residue class ring \BBZv can be divided into classical cyclotomy or generalized cyclotomy, depending on v prime or composite. In this paper, we introduce a generalized cyclotomy of order d over(More)
The problem is related to all-or-nothing transforms (AONT) suggested by Rivest as a preprocessing for encrypting data with a block cipher. Since then there have been various applications of AONTs in cryptography and security. D'Arco, Esfahani and Stinson posed the problem on the constructions of binary matrices for which the desired properties of an AONT(More)