Gennaro Petraglia

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ÐWe introduce the virtual image, an iconic index suited for pictorial information access in a pictorial database, and a similarity retrieval approach based on virtual images to perform content-based retrieval. A virtual image represents the spatial information contained in a real image in explicit form by means of a set of spatial relations. This is useful(More)
A standardized exposure device for a set of in vitro bioelectromagnetic experiments, to be carried out in different laboratories under strictly standardized exposure conditions, was designed and tested on the basis of efficiency and field uniformity criteria. In particular, a WR-430 waveguide was chosen in order to expose mammalian cells cultures at 1.95(More)
Multimedia technology has been applied to many types of applications and the great amount of multimedia data need to be indexed. Especially the usage of digital video data is very popular today. In particular video browsing is a necessary activity in many kinds of knowledge. For effective and interactive exploration of large digital video archives there is(More)
This study of fully employed master's students in a graduate school of business administration found no significant differences in the drinking levels of men and women. The majority are heavy drinkers. There is a tendency for female and Jewish students to prefer wine. Despite the role that beverage alcohol plays in the corporate world, few students were(More)
This comparative study is among the first to survey the drinking behavior of graduate students in social service (N = 256) and in business (N = 147). A large majority (88%) drank. A significantly greater number of social service students abstained. Irrespective of school, age or religion, men and women drank at a similar level of frequency--several times(More)
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