Gennady Markelov

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This paper presents computational results obtained with the direct simulation Monte Carlo DSMC method for several biconic test cases in which shock interactions and ow separation reattachment are key features of the ow Recent ground based experiments have been performed for several biconic con gurations and surface heating rate and pressure measurements(More)
Hypersonic chemically reacting flow around a wedge in the near-continuum regime was numerically studied by the DSMC method with the main goal of validation of real gas effect models. The influence of vibration-dissociation coupling on the results of numerical simulations was analyzed. To this end, two models of chemical reactions were used in the(More)
Flow through circular orifices with thickness-to-diameter ratios varying from 0.015 to 1.2 is studied experimentally and numerically with kinetic and continuum approaches. Helium and nitrogen gases are used in the range of Reynolds numbers from 0.02 to over 700. Good agreement between experimental and numerical results is observed for mass flow and thrust(More)
The SPT-100 thruster plume was simulated using two different methods: the combined particlein-cell technique with direct simulation Monte Carlo method and the particle-in-cell with the addition of Monte Carlo collisions method. The former method offers a more detailed description of the plume, taking into account the effect of ion-neutral collisions on(More)
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