Gennady Chugunov

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This paper presents the use of a method – and its corresponding tool set – for compositional verification of applet interactions on a realistic industrial smart card case study. The case study, an electronic purse, is provided by smart card producer Gemplus as a test case for formal methods for smart cards. The verification method focuses on the possible(More)
This paper presents an overview of the main results of the project “Verification of ERLANG Programs ”, which is funded by the Swedish Business Development Agency (NUTEK) and by Ericsson within the ASTEC (Advanced Software TEChnology) initiative. Its main outcome is the ERLANG Verification Tool (EVT), a theorem prover which assists in obtaining proofs that(More)
Erlang is a functional programming language developed at Ericsson for writing economical and yet powerful and eecient telecommunication applications. Correctness is of major importance in such applications, and since they usually exhibit a high degree of concurrency, testing is often not suucient. Veriication, namely formally proving that a system is(More)
The paper describes a framework for model checking JavaCard applets on the bytecode level. From a set of JavaCard applets we extract their method call graphs using a static analysis tool. The resulting structure is translated into a pushdown system for which the model checking problem for Linear Temporal Logic (LTL) is decidable, and for which there are(More)