Gennady A. Kulikov

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The aim of the study was to investigate influence of color hue saturation on emotional state of human. We use frontal EEG asymmetry to determine subject's emotional state. Our emotional stimuli summon opposite dynamics of frontal EEG asymmetry. Negative stimuli elicits decreasing of the value of frontal EEG asymmetry and positive stimuli increases the value(More)
In cats, the technique of localization parameter of dichotic sounds showed the binaural stimulation to be more effective than the monaural one. The interaural difference in intensity and time modified characteristics of neuronal responses in the sensorymotor cortex (SMC), the responses being most obvious in 67--88% of cases at the minor, approximating zero,(More)
207 The problem of the invariance of the perception of vowels remains unresolved despite numerous studies [1]. The same vowels produced by different people mainn tain their phonetic properties but considerable vary in acoustic parameters. At the same time, not only adults, but also little children can categorize vowels irrespective of the gender, age, and(More)