Gennadi Tulchiner

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BACKGROUND We evaluated the diagnostic accuracy of urinary cytology (UCy) for detecting recurrence in the remnant urothelium (RRU) after radical cystectomy (RC) for urothelial cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS We conducted a 10-year retrospective analysis of a prospectively collected, single-center RC database comprising 177 patients who had undergone(More)
BACKGROUND Small cell bladder cancer (SCBC) is an aggressive subtype accounting for less than 1 % of all bladder malignancies associated with rapid progression, early metastases formation and high mortality rates. CASE PRESENTATION We present an unusual long term disease free survival of a 60 year-old man who was diagnosed with SCBC two and a half years(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of the Xpert Bladder Cancer (BC) Monitor, compared to cystoscopy and cytology in the oncological follow-up of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC). MATERIAL AND METHODS 140 patients with a previous history of NMIBC undergoing routine surveillance at our department were enrolled prospectively (ISRCTN(More)
Background: Non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) is associated with high rates of recurrence, resulting in frequent follow-up cystoscopies. We evaluated the use of two point-of-care tests - the nuclear matrix protein 22 (NMP22) and urinary bladder cancer antigen (UBC) Rapid - compared to routine follow-up in patients with a previous history of NMIBC.(More)
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