Genna R. Miller

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Since clear cell meningioma has only recently been recognized as a morphologic entity, its pathobiology has not been studied. Fourteen examples occurring in seven females and six males, ages 9 to 82 years (mean 29 years), were examined; one was associated with type 2 neurofibromatosis. Of these cases, seven (50%) were spinal-intradural (six lumbar, one(More)
Osteotomy of the anterolateral aspect of the calcaneus in 81 hypermobile flatfeet produced a good or excellent clinical result in 95 per cent of the feet. Roentgenographically, 72.8 per cent of the feet have normal alignment and normal joint spaces, 5 per cent have narrow subtalar joints, and 22.2 percent have narrowing of the talonavicular joint. Arthrosis(More)
Silicone is a material with wide application as an exogenous implant in ophthalmic surgery. Animal trials have indicated that extreme care must be taken in the use of this material in the presence of a viable eye. Acute corneal injury was seen in 10 of 14 rabbit eyes tested with a topical application of RTV silicone in the conjunctival cul-de-sac. Two of(More)
The classical surgical treatment of eyelid neurofibromas has been careful dissection of the tumor with preservation of much of the surrounding abnormal lid tissues. The reported outcome has been uniformly unfavorable. These tumors infiltrate extensively and are impossible to dissect out completely. However, the lateral location of lid neurofibromas allows(More)
A salvaged eye in a case of mycotic endophthalmitis is reported. The case was one of eleven in the United States resulting from Luminex lens implants contaminated with amphotericin B resistant Paecilomyces lilacinus, and one of two eyes salvaged in this series of cases. The fungus, recognized 28 days after the lens was inserted, was in the anterior chamber,(More)