Genmei Xing

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Cisplatin is a chemotherapeutic drug commonly used in clinics. However, acquired resistance confines its application in chemotherapeutics. To overcome the acquired resistance to cisplatin, it is reasoned, based on our previous findings of mediation of cellular responses by [Gd@C(82)(OH)(22)](n) nanoparticles, that [Gd@C(82)(OH)(22)](n) may reverse tumor(More)
Manufactured fullerene nanoparticles easily enter into cells and hence have been rapidly developed for biomedical uses. However, it is generally unknown which route the nanoparticles undergo when crossing cell membranes and where they localize to the intracellular compartments. Herein we have used both microscopic imaging and biological techniques to(More)
It is known that down-regulation of the immune response may be associated with the progenesis, development and prognosis of cancer or infectious diseases. Up-regulating the immune response in vivo is therefore a desirable strategy for clinical treatment. Here we report that poly-hydroxylated metallofullerenol (Gd@C(82)(OH)(22)) has biomedical functions(More)
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