Genlang Chen

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The analysis of human behavior is the basis of understanding many social phenomena. Based on a large database of taxi billing system, this paper provides an analysis of human mobility data in an urban area of using taxi services in Shanghai. By studying the spatial temporal data of taxi services, it shows that the distribution of running time interval is(More)
The source data of intrusion detection system (IDS) are characteristic of heavy-flow, high-dimension and nonlinearity. A frequent problem in IDS is the choice of the right features that give rise to compact and concise representations of the network data; the other is how to improve the detection efficiency and accuracy of IDS under the small sample(More)
Computer clusters with coprocessors/accelerators are typically leveraged to parallelize applications for reducing computation time. Given N parallel tasks and M processing cores, the typical strategy is to statically distribute those N tasks among M cores so that each core receives N/M tasks. However, for many sophisticated applications, the processing(More)
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