Genjirou Nishi

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Using in vivo and in vitro methods we studied the regulation of ocular melatonin rhythms in the wrasse Halichoeres tenuispinnis, by either light or the circadian clock. Rhythmic changes in ocular melatonin levels under light-dark (LD) cycles were persistent under constant darkness (DD), and had a circadian periodicity of approximately 24h. However, ocular(More)
The wrasse Halichoeres tenuispinnis is a labrid teleost that exhibits robust circadian rhythms in locomotor activity under constant light (LL). This fish buries itself in the bottom sand during the subjective-night, thereby suggesting that behaviorally it adjusts its circadian clock to avoid photoreception. In this study, we determined ocular melatonin(More)
Melatonin (N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine) is synthesized in the pineal organ and the retina of vertebrates. In some teleost species, ocular melatonin levels can exhibit a circadian periodicity with elevated levels during the dark phase under light-dark (LD) cycles and this periodicity can persist even under constant dark (DD) cycles. However, reversed(More)
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