Genichiro Kikui

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We suggest a naïve Bayes method for Japanese recipe pairing which uses ingredients of main and side dishes. For every pair of ingredients in the learning data, we calculate the probability of the co-occurrence. For a main dish of the evaluation, we guess a side dish whose posterior probability has the maximum value. In our experiment, the domain of(More)
In this paper, we show a special example distribution on which the learner can guess a correct simple deterministic grammar in polynomial time from membership queries and random examples. At first, we show a learning algorithm of simple deterministic languages from membership and equivalence queries. This algorithm is not a polynomial time algorithm but,(More)
This paper describes an IR (Information Retrieval) approach to identifying the ICD-10 code of a medical term, such as a disease name or a description of a symptom or a complaint), in a medical text. In this approach, we prepare a dictionary of disease names, each paired with a corresponding ICD-10 code(s). The system searches for the disease name most(More)
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