Genichi Kawada

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We propose a method to procedurally model the fluid flows of explosion phenomena by taking physical properties into account. Explosion flows are always quite difficult to control, because they easily disturb each other and change rapidly. With this method, the target flows are described by control paths, and the propagation flows are controlled by following(More)
Non-competitive and non-threatening aspects of social hierarchy, such as politeness, are universal among human cultures, and might have evolved from ritualized submission in primates; however, these behaviors have rarely been studied. Honorific language is a type of polite linguistic communication that plays an important role in human social interactions(More)
Figure 1: Practical examples by our method (Top row, plume size is controlled while maintaining physical characteristic of size change.): from the left, 50th, 100th, 150th and 200th frame respectively. (Bottom row, control of swirling motions while maintaining physical characteristics): from the left, 60th, 100th, 120th and 150th frame respectively.(More)
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