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Modeling of the Wind Turbine with a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator for Integration
The paper presents the dynamic model and control schemes of a variable speed pitch wind turbine with permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG). The model includes a PMSG model, a pitch-angledExpand
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Research on application of TCR+FC typed SVC in power quality integrated management for power traction system
With characteristics such as impact, asymmetric and nonlinear, the electromotive in electrified railway is a typical kind of single-phase load. Electrified railway connected to power grid will bringExpand
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Optimal residential community demand response scheduling in smart grid
This paper presents a demand response scheduling model for the novel residential community incorporating the current circumstances and the future trends of demand response programs. Expand
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Distributed Dispatch Approach for Bulk AC/DC Hybrid Systems With High Wind Power Penetration
For bulk AC/DC hybrid transmission systems with high wind power penetration, this paper presents a distributed dispatch approach to the security-constrained unit commitment (SCUC) problem based on the analytical target cascading technique. Expand
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Power Quality Disturbance Detection Based on Mathematical Morphology and Fractal Technique
Based on mathematical morphology and grille fractal, a novel approach on power quality disturbance detection and location is presented in this paper. At first a parallel composite morphologicalExpand
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Probabilistic Transient Stability Constrained Optimal Power Flow for Power Systems With Multiple Correlated Uncertain Wind Generations
This paper proposes a novel probabilistic transient stability constrained optimal power flow (P-TSCOPF) model to simultaneously consider uncertainties and transient stability for power systemExpand
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Stochastic Small-Signal Stability of Power Systems With Wind Power Generation
Wind power has had a significant impact on power system stability due to its stochastic nature. In this paper, the impact of stochastic excitation on power-system small-signal stability isExpand
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Research on dynamic characteristics of VSC-HVDC system
VSC-HVDC technology based on voltage source converter (VSC) and isolated gate bipolar transistor is a kind of novel HVDC technology for low power and long distance with flexible control and operationExpand
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Stochastic evaluation of voltage in distribution networks considering the characteristic of distributed generators
As the probabilistic load flow (PLF) approach is often applied in the assessment the voltage in the distribution system with the distributed generation, the intermittent power output of the distributed generators (DGs) should be more considered. Expand
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Electricity price forecasting with confidence-interval estimation through an extended ARIMA approach
Accurate electricity price forecasting is a crucial issue concerned by market participants either for developing bidding strategies or for making investment decisions. Due to the complicated factorsExpand
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