Gengxu Chen

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Metallic nanowires are of great research interest due to their applications in surface plasmon polariton coupling of light. The efficiency is much dependent on the polarization of the light due to the phase matching requirement in the light-surface plasmon polariton coupling. By scanning confocal microscope, the photoluminescence from a single Ag nanowire(More)
Up-conversion luminescence in rare earth ions (REs) doped nanoparticles has attracted considerable research attention for the promising applications in solid-state lasers, three-dimensional displays, solar cells, biological imaging, and so forth. However, there have been no reports on REs doped nanoparticles to investigate their polarized energy transfer(More)
We report on a novel method to fabricate single, multiple and large-area high-density ensembles of nitrogen vacancy (NV) color centers in synthetic type Ib bulk diamond by femtosecond laser illumination. Electron beams generated in propagation of intense infrared laser pulses in air sputtered on a diamond sample under high temperature aroused by the laser(More)
Direct interference between the orthogonal electric and magnetic modes in a hybrid silicon-gold nanocavity is demonstrated to induce a pronounced asymmetric magnetic-based Fano resonance in the total scattering spectrum at near-infrared frequencies. Differing from the previously reported magnetic-based Fano resonances in metal nanoparticle clusters, the(More)
Single-photon emitters with stable and uniform photoluminescence properties are important for quantum technology. However, in many cases, colour centres in diamond exhibit spectral diffusion and photoluminescence intensity fluctuation. It is therefore essential to investigate the dynamics of colour centres at the single defect level in order to enable the(More)
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