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Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) problem is of high importance in network optimization. The multi-criteria MST (mc-MST) is a more realistic representation of the practical problem in the real-world, but it is diicult for the traditional network optimization technique to deal with. In this paper, a genetic algorithm (GA) approach is developed to deal with this(More)
This paper explores the generalization of problem-solving by genetic algorithms (GAs) for a class of constrained minimum spanning tree (MST) problems. These constrained MST problems are quite different from each other in constraints and usually NP-hard but of high practical importance. The paper emphasizes that it is possible for GAs to generalize the(More)
| Production Process Planning (PPP) problem is abundant among manufacturing systems. In general the problem can be approached by the network analysis or dynamic programming. But in the case of the multicriteria Production Process Planning (mPPP for short) problem, it is diicult for those traditional optimization techniques to cope with. In this paper, a new(More)
Location management, which consists of location updating and location query, is a challenging topic in mobile communication. The location query of the basic location management scheme (basic scheme for short) used in personal communication services (PCS) networks, such as GSM, IS-41 and so forth, in many countries, requires to page all the cells of a(More)
In view of inconsistency of the judgment matrix gotten by pairwise comparison between increasing alternatives in nowadays virtual enterprise (VE) partner selection & evaluation problem by the analytic hierarchy process (AHP), a new Web-based method combined the AHP and other basic fuzzy theory is proposed, in which the priority weights of decision criteria(More)