Gengo Kashiwazaki

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The spore photoproduct lyase is a radical SAM enzyme, which repairs 5-(α-thyminyl)-5,6-dihydrothymidine. Here we show that the enzyme establishes a complex radical transfer cascade and creates a cysteine and a tyrosyl radical dyade to establish repair. This allows the enzyme to solve topological and energetic problems associated with the radical based(More)
An integrated multi-target small molecule capable of altering dynamic epigenetic and transcription programs associated with the brain and nervous system has versatile applications in the regulation of therapeutic and cell-fate genes. Recently, we have been constructing targeted epigenetic ON switches by integrating sequence-specific DNA binding(More)
Chemically engineered small molecules targeting specific genomic sequences play an important role in drug development research. Pyrrole-imidazole polyamides (PIPs) are a group of molecules that can bind to the DNA minor-groove and can be engineered to target specific sequences. Their biological effects rely primarily on their selective DNA binding. However,(More)
N-methylpyrrole (Py)-N-methylimidazole (Im) polyamides are small organic molecules that bind to DNA with sequence specificity and can be used as synthetic DNA-binding ligands. In this study, five hairpin eight-ring Py-Im polyamides 1-5 with different number of Im rings were synthesized, and their binding behaviour was investigated with surface plasmon(More)
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