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Our goal is to segment a video sequence into moving objects and the world scene. In recent work, spectral embedding of point trajectories based on 2D motion cues accumulated from their lifespans, has shown to outperform factorization and per frame segmentation methods for video segmentation. The scale and kinematic nature of the moving objects and the(More)
Road detection is a crucial part of autonomous driving system. Most of the methods proposed nowadays only achieve reliable results in relatively clean environments. In this paper, we combine edge detection with road area extraction to solve this problem. Our method works well even on noisy campus road whose boundaries are blurred with sidewalks and surface(More)
Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is one of the most lethal cancers worldwide. To identify biologically relevant genes with prognostic and therapeutic significance in PDAC, we first performed the microarray gene-expression profiling in 45 matching pairs of tumor and adjacent non-tumor tissues from resected PDAC cases. We identified 36 genes that were(More)
We propose a tracking framework that mediates grouping cues from two levels of tracking granularities, detection tracklets and point trajectories, for segmenting objects in crowded scenes. Detection tracklets capture objects when they are mostly visible. They may be sparse in time, may miss partially occluded or deformed objects, or contain false positives.(More)
Representation is a fundamental problem in object tracking. Conventional methods track the target by describing its local or global appearance. In this paper we present that, besides the two paradigms, the composition of local region histograms can also provide diverse and important object cues. We use cells to extract local appearance, and construct(More)
Generation of wind is a very complicated process and influenced by large numbers of unknown factors. A probabilistic fuzzy system based prediction model is designed for the short-term wind speed prediction. By introducing the third probability dimension, the proposed prediction model can capture both stochastic and the deterministic uncertainties, and(More)