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The prospects of biofuel production from microalgal carbohydrates and lipids coupled with greenhouse gas mitigation due to photosynthetic assimilation of CO2 have ushered in a renewed interest in algal feedstock. Furthermore, microalgae (including cyanobacteria) have become established as commercial sources of value-added biochemicals such as(More)
Protein degradation in normal living cells is precisely regulated to match the cells' physiological requirements. The selectivity of protein degradation is determined by an elaborate degron-tagging system. Degron refers to an amino acid sequence that encodes a protein degradation signal, which is oftentimes a poly-ubiquitin chain that can be transferred to(More)
The effects of iron on the growth, lipid accumulation, and gene expression profiles of the limnetic Chlorella sorokiniana CCTCC M209220 under photoautotrophy were investigated. The addition of iron up to 10−5 mol l-l increased final cell densities by nearly 2-fold at 2.3 × 107 cells/ml, growth rate by 2-fold, and the length of the exponential phase by 5(More)
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