Geng-Ping Lin

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BACKGROUND Renal Na+ handling differs between males and females. Further, within females Na+ metabolism changes during the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Estrogen and progesterone could regulate alpha, beta and gamma amiloride-sensitive epithelial sodium channel (ENaC) subunit mRNA levels in female rat kidney. The aim of our study is to clarify the role of(More)
Enumeration of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) has been proven as a prognostic marker for metastatic colorectal cancer (m-CRC) patients. However, the currently available techniques for capturing and enumerating CTCs lack of required sensitivity to be applicable as a prognostic marker for non-metastatic patients as CTCs are even more rare. We have developed a(More)
Aberrant levels of circulating miRNAs are potential biomarkers for the early detection of colorectal cancer (CRC). However, no previous systematic study has examined miRNAs in various specimen types from the same patient to evaluate their clinical utility. In this study, we compiled information from ~450 articles published before 2012, and selected the 46(More)
Treatment for Rectal cancer changed after the induction of concomitant chemo-radiotherapy, CCRT. Complete remission of the tumor leads to debate of the necessity of surgical intervention. We evaluate the treatment outcome to know if operation is beneficial to these patients. Patients received long course concomitant chemo-radiotherapy for advanced rectal(More)
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