Geng-Dian Huang

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Inevitability properties in branching temporal logics are of the syntax foralldiamphi, where phi is an arbitrary (timed) CTL (computation tree logic) formula. Such inevitability properties in dense-time logics can be analyzed with the greatest fixpoint calculation. We present algorithms to model-check inevitability properties. We discuss a technique for(More)
Dynamic data-structures with pointer links, which are heavily used in real-world software, cause extremely difficult verification problems. Currently, there is no practical framework for the efficient verification of such software systems. We investigated symmetry reduction techniques for the verification of software systems with C-like indirect reference(More)
We introduce the symbolic simulation function implemented in our model-checker/simulator RED 4.0 for densetime concurrent systems. By representing and manipulating statespaces as logic predicates, the technique of symbolic simulation can lead to high performance by encoding even a dense amount of traces in traditional simulation into one symbolic trace.(More)
The state space explosion due to concurrency and timing constraints of concurrent real-time systems (CRTS) presents significant challenges to the verification engineers. In this paper, we investigate how to use coverage techniques to generate efficient test plans for such systems. We first discuss how to use communicating timed automata to model CRTS. We(More)
A complete SAT-based model checking algorithm for contextfree processes is presented. We reduce proof search in local model checking to Boolean satisfiability. Bounded proof search can therefore be performed by SAT solvers. Moreover, the completion of proof search is reduced to Boolean unsatisfiability and hence can be checked by SAT solvers. By encoding(More)
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