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The impact of next-generation sequencing on genomics.
Cloning and functional expression of alkaline alpha-galactosidase from melon fruit: similarity to plant SIP proteins uncovers a novel family of plant glycosyl hydrolases.
This previously uncharacterised, plant-specific alpha-gal family of glycosyl hydrolases, with optimal activity at neutral-alkaline pH likely functions in key processes of galactosyl-oligosaccharide metabolism, such as during seed germination and translocation of RFO photosynthate.
Metabolism of soluble sugars in developing melon fruit: a global transcriptional view of the metabolic transition to sucrose accumulation
The results shed light on the transcriptional control of sugar metabolism in the developing sweet melon fruit, particularly the metabolic transition to sucrose accumulation, and point to a concerted metabolic transition that occurs during fruit development.
Proteomic analysis of cold stress-responsive proteins in Thellungiella rosette leaves
All protein spots involved in RNA metabolism, defense response, protein synthesis, folding and degradation were found to be upregulated markedly by cold treatment, indicating enhanced RNA metabolism , defense and protein metabolism may play crucial roles in cold tolerance mechanism in T. halophila.
The Histone Methyltransferase SDG724 Mediates H3K36me2/3 Deposition at MADS50 and RFT1 and Promotes Flowering in Rice[W][OA]
RFT1 and Hd3a have functionally diverged to control flowering time under long-day and short-day conditions partly via a fine-tuned epigenetic mechanism, which suggests that the divergent functions of paralogs RFT2 and RFT1, and of MADS50 and MADS51, are in part due to differential H3K36me2/3 deposition.
Senescence-inducible expression of isopentenyl transferase extends leaf life, increases drought stress resistance and alters cytokinin metabolism in cassava.
The study proves the feasibility of prolonging the leaf life of woody cassava and also sheds light on the control of cytokinin homeostasis in cassava leaves.
The Histone Methyltransferase SDG 724 Mediates H 3 K 36 me 2 / 3 Deposition at MADS 50 and RFT 1 and Promotes Flowering in Rice
Changhui Sun,a,b,c,1 Jun Fang,a,1 Taolan Zhao,a Bo Xu,a Fantao Zhang,a Linchuan Liu,a Jiuyou Tang,a Genfa Zhang,c Xiaojian Deng,b Fan Chen,d Qian Qian,e Xiaofeng Cao,a and Chengcai Chua,c,2 a State
Alterations in phosphoproteome under salt stress in Thellungiella roots
Twenty-six putative phosphoproteins were found to have changed expression pattern at the post-translational level under high salinity stress in Thellungiella roots, and most of these proteins were known salt-stress-related proteins.