Genevra F Murray

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OBJECTIVE Depression in late life may be difficult to identify, and older adults often do not accept depression treatment offered. This article describes the methods by which we combined an investigator-defined definition of depression with a person-derived definition of depression in order to understand how older adults and their primary care providers(More)
BACKGROUND During the influenza A(H1N1) pandemic, antiviral prescribing was limited, vaccines were not available early, and the effectiveness of nonpharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) was uncertain. Our study examined whether use of face masks and hand hygiene reduced the incidence of influenza-like illness (ILI). METHODS A randomized intervention trial(More)
  • G F Murray
  • 1986
Drug use must be understood within the larger context of deviance. Certainly, the tendency to examine drug use in isolation from the more general study of delinquent behavior requires redress. By definition, illicit drug use is delinquent behavior. In the present paper, a theory of delinquent behavior is applied to marijuana use. A powerful explanation of(More)
This chapter examines the evolving trajectory and emerging lessons from twenty years of agroforestry project activities in Haiti that made it possible for more than 300 000 Haitian peasant households – over a third of the entire rural population of Haiti – to plant wood trees as a domesticated, income-generating crop on their holdings. Unusual popular(More)
Women's use of prescription medication exceeds that of men's and yet is not viewed with the alarm and disapproval that accompanies women's lower levels of use of alcohol and illicit drugs. Reports in the media, based on anecdotal accounts, have identified women as a group at particular risk for cocaine addiction and have suggested that their problems with(More)
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