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Revolutionary Womanhood: Feminism, Modernity and the State in Nasser's Egpyt
REVOLUTIONARY WOMANHOOD: FEMINISM, MODERNITY AND THE STATE IN NASSER'S EGPYT Laura Bier Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2011 "The woman question" in its various articulations and culturalExpand
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“Youth” as Theory, Method, and Praxis
The category “youth” appears as a stage in the natural progression of an individual’s life. There is, however, deep and expansive politics that give meaning to the category youth. Within contemporaryExpand
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Civil society, the state, and private sponsorship: the political economy of refugee resettlement
ABSTRACT In the wake of the most recent refugee crisis the private sponsorship programme re-emerged in Canada as a just and novel solution to precarious migration. The private sponsorship programmeExpand
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The ideology of democracy/dictatorship as youth migrate
ABSTRACT This article is an exploration in the mode of thinking of refugee youth on the relations of ‘democracy’ and ‘dictatorship.’ Tracing the geopolitical relations of authoritarian and democraticExpand
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Making Revolutionary Fire: A Review of Marxism and Feminism, edited by Shahrzad Mojab
The edited collection Marxism and Feminism traces both the conceptual divides and political affinities between feminism and Marxism. Utilising a keywords-, or core-concepts approach, the book fleshesExpand
The Dialectics of Praxis
This paper takes up the theorization of the dialectical relationships between consciousness, praxis, and contradiction by drawing primarily on the work of critical feminist and anti-racist scholarsExpand
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Re-Orienting/Re-Settlement: Policy Approaches and Implications for Education in the Resettlement of Displaced Young Adults
Young people migrating to Canada under conditions of economic insecurity and/or displacement due to war face important challenges. Often migrating alone, without family support or infrastructure,Expand
Consciousness and Praxis: Informal Learning in Social Movements
The no borders movement has been an important site of anti-imperialist resistance, and as such it provides a valuable point of entry into problematizing the contradictions that constitute theExpand
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