Genevieve P. S. Lau

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We describe the design and synthesis of novel low viscosity bicyclic 1,2,3-triazolium ionic liquids. These new salts are applied as nonvolatile electrolytes in dye-sensitized solar cells, affording efficiencies up to 7.07% at low light intensities, and 6.00% when illuminated at 100 mW cm(-2). The devices are highly stable, retaining ca. 90% of their initial(More)
The electrochemical reduction of CO2 to CO is a reaction of central importance for sustainable energy conversion and storage. Herein, structure-activity relationships of a series of imidazolium-based cocatalysts for this reaction are described, which demonstrate that the C4- and C5-protons on the imidazolium ring are vital for efficient catalysis. Further(More)
Novel ionic liquid-sulfolane composite electrolytes based on the 1,2,3-triazolium family of ionic liquids were developed for dye-sensitized solar cells. The best performing device exhibited a short-circuit current density of 13.4 mA cm(-2), an open-circuit voltage of 713 mV and a fill factor of 0.65, corresponding to an overall power conversion efficiency(More)
The use of porphyrin-based photosensitizers with superior light-harvesting properties has enabled the power conversion efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs) to reach 13 % under full sun illumination. However, a major limitation of such devices corresponds to the volatility of the solvent used so far for the electrolyte, which prevents practical(More)
Succinimide derivatives are useful building blocks for the synthesis of natural products and drugs. We describe an efficient route to succinimide derivatives comprising Pd(xantphos)Cl2-catalyzed aminocarbonylation of alkynes with aromatic or aliphatic amines in the presence of p-TsOH. The utility of this route is demonstrated with the synthesis of a large(More)
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