Genevieve Evans Taylor

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Tested the specific vulnerability hypothesis of Blatt and Zuroff's (1992) theory of personality predispositions to depression in a sample of 119 3rd-grade children (58 girls and 61 boys; mean age = 8.8 years) and 184 7th-grade children (78 girls and 106 boys; mean age = 12.8 years). In addition, we examined whether high self-esteem buffers against(More)
Laboratory measurements of foliar uptake of sulfur dioxide and ozone by red kidney beans demonstrated a strong effect of relative humidity on internal pollutant dose. Foliar uptake was enhanced two- to threefold for sulfur dioxide and three- to fourfold for ozone by an increase in relative humidity from 35 to 75 percent. For the same exposure concentration,(More)
BACKGROUND Although the constructs of alexithymia and emotional control have been associated with physical health, the relationship between these constructs is unclear and their influence on health-related quality of life has not been investigated previously. This study examined the relationships between alexithymia, emotional control, and quality of life(More)
Approximately 5.5 x 109 g (4.0 x 105) of mercury was discharged into the Carson River Drainage Basin of west-central Nevada during processing of the gold- and silver-rich Comstock ore in the late 1800s. For the past 13 decades, mercury has been redistributed throughout 500 km2 of the basin, and concentrations are some of the highest reported values in North(More)
Although many studies have examined the relation of academic motivation to school achievement using the Self-Determination Theory perspective, the results have been inconsistent. The present investigation represents the first systematic attempt to use a meta-analysis and controlled, longitudinal studies to examine the relations of specific types of(More)
This study examined 20 patients with anorexia nervosa using a projective test with a quantitative scoring system (the SAT9), and an indirect measure of symbolic function (the interoceptive awareness subscale of the EDI). The findings support the clinical observation that patients with anorexia nervosa are often arrested developmentally, and are without the(More)
Purpose: To support ASCSU's position on a comprehensive CSU policy on academic freedom. Whereas the last formal statement on academic freedom for the California State University was formulated in 1971; and Whereas the Academic Senate CSU, in a resolution " The Need for a Comprehensive California State University Policy on Academic Freedom " (AS-3197-14/FA),(More)
This study of depressed outpatients (N=47) examined self-criticism (SC) and personal standards (PS) dimensions of perfectionism as moderators of the relation between chronic stress and depression over 1year. Participants completed personality measures (SC, PS, neuroticism, conscientiousness) at baseline (Time 1), a chronic stress interview 6months later(More)
BACKGROUND In many parts of the world, it is common for secondary school students to be involved in part-time employment. Research shows that working can have a negative impact on school engagement. However, the majority of studies have focused on the amount of time that students spend working rather than on the quality of work experience and its influence(More)
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Psychodynamic explanations of demoniacal possession have been based mainly on Freud's retrospective interpretation of the illness of Christoph Haitzman. Freud applied libido theory to his analysis of the case and subsequently influenced the psychoanalytic theory of paranoid symptom formation and the psychoanalytic approach to the psychoses. Fairbairn, and(More)