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BACKGROUND DSM׳s replacement of 'mixed episodes' with 'mixed features' has ironically created a specifier, which potentially lacks specificity because it overlooks two key symptoms: psychomotor agitation and distractibility. Therefore, the present study examined the presence of psychomotor agitation and distractibility across the mood disorder spectrum. (More)
Microinfusion of the excitatory amino acid agonist N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) into the mediobasal hypothalamus (MBH) significantly reduced lordosis in estrogen plus progesterone-treated female rats at 10 min post-infusion with recovery to pretest values by 30 min (P less than .05; Wilcoxon). Microinfusion of the specific NMDA antagonist(More)
BACKGROUND Euthymic bipolar disorder (BD) patients often demonstrate better clinical outcomes than remitted patients with unipolar illness (UP). Reasons for this are uncertain, however, personality and coping styles are each likely to play a key role. This study examined differences between euthymic BD and UP patients with respect to the inter-relationship(More)
The hormonal basis of maternal behavior in the hamster has not been clearly established. Treatment of parturient females on the day of delivery with the prolactin release inhibitor, bromocriptine, resulted in a significant disruption of maternal responsiveness at doses as low as 0.5 mg When pregnant females were implanted with ectopic pituitary grafts under(More)
OBJECTIVE Inpatient psychiatric care of adolescents should, where possible, be provided in specialized units. However, admission of adolescent patients to adult mental health units does occur. There is a paucity of data about this practice. This study collates information about the experience, attitudes and knowledge of clinical staff regarding the care of(More)
Whole and nonadherent Peyer's patch cells were shown to present antigen to cloned antigen specific T-cells, albeit less efficiently than spleen cells. Unlike spleen cells, adherent PP cells did not present antigen, and PP lacked cells with classical dendritic morphology. The antigen presenting and MLR-stimulating cell in both spleen and PP were concentrated(More)
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