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Tested the specific vulnerability hypothesis of Blatt and Zuroff's (1992) theory of personality predispositions to depression in a sample of 119 3rd-grade children (58 girls and 61 boys; mean age = 8.8 years) and 184 7th-grade children (78 girls and 106 boys; mean age = 12.8 years). In addition, we examined whether high self-esteem buffers against(More)
Although many studies have examined the relation of academic motivation to school achievement using the Self-Determination Theory perspective, the results have been inconsistent. The present investigation represents the first systematic attempt to use a meta-analysis and controlled, longitudinal studies to examine the relations of specific types of(More)
BACKGROUND In many parts of the world, it is common for secondary school students to be involved in part-time employment. Research shows that working can have a negative impact on school engagement. However, the majority of studies have focused on the amount of time that students spend working rather than on the quality of work experience and its influence(More)
This study of depressed outpatients (N=47) examined self-criticism (SC) and personal standards (PS) dimensions of perfectionism as moderators of the relation between chronic stress and depression over 1year. Participants completed personality measures (SC, PS, neuroticism, conscientiousness) at baseline (Time 1), a chronic stress interview 6months later(More)
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