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There is mounting evidence that mindfulness meditation is beneficial for the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders, yet little is known regarding the neural mechanisms through which mindfulness modulates emotional responses. Thus, a central objective of this functional magnetic resonance imaging study was to investigate the effects of mindfulness on the(More)
Mindfulness meditation has been shown to promote emotional stability. Moreover, during the processing of aversive and self-referential stimuli, mindful awareness is associated with reduced medial prefrontal cortex (MPFC) activity, a central default mode network (DMN) component. However, it remains unclear whether mindfulness practice influences functional(More)
Rotavirus gastroenteritis may be associated with the onset of an acute reversible encephalitis. We describe a case of transient bilateral basal ganglia lesions after a prodromal gastroenteritis which completely resolved four months later. Diffusion weighted images were determinant to depict the basal ganglia abnormalities and were helpful to evaluate the(More)
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