Geneviève Mange

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METIS is developing a 5G system concept that meets the requirements of the beyond-2020 connected information society and supports new usage scenarios. To meet the objectives METIS uses Horizontal Topics (HT) that addresses a key new challenge, identifies necessary new functionalities and proposes HT-specific concepts. This paper presents an initial view of(More)
Optimizing the Quality of Service (QoS) support, providing seamless mobility and ensuring the protection of incumbent users are some of the challenges that arise when the radio spectrum is accessed in an opportunistic way. The functional concept of Cognitive Resource Manager (CRM) is presented providing cognition of the environment to optimize the(More)
The realization of cognitive radio networks is a key solution to meet the raising expectations for high data rates and quality of service in mobile communications. This implies the design of a two-fold cognitive manager for resource management (CM-RM), to manage an opportunistic use of the whitespaces as introduced in this paper, and for Spectrum Management(More)
Forced by an enormous cost pressure, investments into future radio network infrastructure as well as operational costs have to be minimised. More efficient and highly flexible use of scarce radio resources is mandatory without compromising high network performance and users' service quality perception. This paper highlights the means to achieve this, in(More)
In this deliverable, smart antenna based interference mitigation methods for WINNER are presented. These methods include beamforming techniques, transmit diversity techniques, and receive diversity and spatial interference suppression techniques. The methods are investigated in terms of what requirements they put on the system, and the performance they can(More)
This paper presents an application of cognitive radio system concepts for the off-loading operation of LTE networks by the opportunistic use of TV whitespace (TVWS). A flexible functional architecture based on two cognitive managers for spectrum management and resource management respectively, and developed for various mobile scenarios, is mapped to the LTE(More)
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