Geneviève Le Bihan

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The efficacy and acceptability of rilmenidine were studied in a double-blind clonidine-controlled multicenter trial; after a 4-week placebo run-in period, patients with supine diastolic blood pressure (BP) between 95 and 115 mm Hg received as monotherapy either rilmenidine or clonidine over 6 weeks. The initial dose (rilmenidine 1 mg/day or clonidine 0.15(More)
We have investigated the possible mechanisms underlying the antihyperglycaemic effect of the imidazoline derivative S-22068. In vitro, in the presence of 5 mmol/l glucose, S-22068 (100 micromol/l) induced a significant and sustained increase in insulin secretion from isolated, perifused, rat islets and a marked sensitization to a subsequent glucose(More)
The low serum concentration of ADH requires extraction prior to assay. Various methods are compared (direct extraction by acetone, adsorption on talcum powder. Florisil, silicilic acid, Fuller's earth, QUSO, carbon-dextran, adsormone, then elution with hydrochloric acetone). The technic finally used was extraction with Florisil. The antibody used was(More)
The observation of a 61 year old woman who had a diffuse interstitial fibrosis, a pulmonary tuberculosis and a disease of heavy gamma chains is reported here. The different tumoral and infectious pneumopathies during monoclonal gammapathies are analyzed. In the opposite, there are the various abnormalities observed in thoracic pathology: chronic infections,(More)
Piperazine derivatives have been identified as new antidiabetic compounds. Structure-activity relationship studies in a series of 1-benzyl-4-alkyl-2-(4',5'-dihydro-1'H-imidazol-2'-yl)piperazines resulted in the identification of 1-methyl-4-(2', 4'-dichlorobenzyl)-2-(4',5'-dihydro-1'H-imidazol-2'-yl)piperazine, PMS 812 (S-21663), as a highly potent(More)