Geneviève Landry

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The views in this report do not necessarily represent the views of the entire group comprising the Concussion Workshop Group. One of the most challenging problems faced by medical personnel responsible for the health care of athletes is the recognition and management of concussions. 40, 53 Concussions can be defined as any alteration in cerebral function(More)
In the context of sport, an ergogenic aid can be broadly defined as a technique or substance used for the purpose of enhancing performance. Ergogenic aids have been classified as nutritional, pharmacologic, physiologic, or psychologic and range from use of accepted techniques such as carbohydrate loading to illegal and unsafe approaches such as(More)
OBJECTIVES Multiplexed point-of-care (POC) devices can rapidly screen for HIV-related co-infections (eg, hepatitis C (HCV), hepatitis B (HBV), syphilis) in one patient visit, but global evidence for this approach remains limited. This study aimed to evaluate a multiplex POC testing strategy to expedite screening for HIV-related co-infections in at-risk(More)
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