Geneviève Gauthier

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Moody's KMV method is a popular commercial implementation of the structural credit risk model pioneered by Merton (1974). It is an algorithm for estimating the unobserved asset value and the unknown parameters required for implementing such a model. This estimation method has found its way to the recent academic literature, but it has not yet been formally(More)
We propose a Markov chain method for pricing discretely monitored barrier options in both the constant and time-varying volatility valuation frameworks. The method uses a time homogeneous Markov Chain to approximate the underlying asset price process. Our approach provides a natural framework for pricing discretely monitored barrier options because the(More)
One critical difficulty in implementing Merton's (1974) credit risk model is that the underlying asset value cannot be directly observed. The model requires the unobserved asset value and the unknown volatility parameter as inputs. The estimation problem is further complicated by the fact that typical data samples are for the survived firms. This paper(More)
The objective of this paper is to investigate the use of tick-by-tick data for market risk measurement. We propose an Intraday Value at Risk (IVaR) at different horizons based on irregularly time-spaced high-frequency data by using an intraday Monte Carlo simulation. An UHF-GARCH model extending the framework of Engle (2000) is used to specify the joint(More)
In Duan, Gauthier and Simonato (1999), an analytical approximate formula for European options in the GARCH framework was developed. The formula is however restricted to the nonlinear asymmetric GARCH model. This paper extends the same approach to two other important GARCH specifications-GJR-GARCH and EGARCH. We provide the corresponding formulas and study(More)
Fifty-two patients having suffered 60 episodes of non convulsive Status Epilepticus (SE) proven by electroencephalography between 1976 and 1986 are reported. According to electroclinical criteria, these SE were classified into three groups: Petit Mal Status (PM St), Psychomotor Status (Ps M St) and Frontal Polar Status (F St). The exact diagnosis could not(More)
This paper proposes an efficient approach for computing the prices of American style options in the GARCH framework. Rubinstein's (1998) Edgeworth tree idea is combined with the analytical formulas for moments of the cumulative return under GARCH developed in Duan et al. (1999, 2002) to yield a simple recombining binomial tree for option valuation in the(More)
Learning in technology mediated learning environments is a complex process that varies across individual and group contexts. Complex learning environments that are mediated by technology require distinct concurrent methodologies that reveal when and where learning may occur. This paper describes the analysis of two technology-mediated problem-solving(More)
An important research area of the corporate yield spread literature seeks to measure the proportion of the spread explained by factors such as the possibility of default, liquidity or tax differentials. We contribute to this literature by assessing the ability of observed macroeconomic factors and the possibility of changes in regime to explain the(More)