Geneviève G. Payen

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In order to characterize hyperglycemic peptides from the sinus gland of the lobster, Homarus americanus, a bioassay was developed with juvenile H. gammarus. This assay was used for determining the hyperglycemic activity of peptides perified by reversed-phase high-performance liquid-chromatography, from acidic extracts of sinus gland. The major peptides are(More)
1. Effects of ingestion and topical application of 1.30 ppm methoprene, an insect juvenile hormone (JH) mimic, include gametogenesis disorders in both male and female mud-crab Rhithropanopeus harrisii. 2. Progressive inhibition of vitellogenesis and stimulation of spermatogenesis take place after a short exposure time (12-15 days), whereas a longer period(More)
Electron microscopic examination of the androgenic glands of the ghost crab Ocypode quadrata (Fabr.) reveals the existence of involutive processes leading to complete cellular breakdown. This autolysis occurs in non-localized areas of the glands and does not affect the spermatogenetic activity of the crab studied; further, the coexistence of degenerative(More)
Ultrastructural study of gonia of various species of male crabs shows that these cells belong to two types : primary and secondary gonia; these are discriminated according to their location inside or outside germinative islets, i. e. by the presence or absence of surrounding somatic tissue. The most original feature of the primary spermatogonia concerns the(More)