Geneviève Chabot-Roy

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Construction nearby animal houses has sporadically been reported to affect various aspects of animal health. Most of the reports have focussed on the impact on stress hormone levels and the hypersensitivity of animals relative to humans. There has also been an anecdotal report on the impact of construction on autoimmune diabetes in NOD mice. Here, we(More)
NOD.H2(k) and NOD.H2(h4) mice carry the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class II molecule I-A(k) associated with susceptibility to experimentally induced thyroiditis. Dietary iodine-enhanced spontaneous thyroid autoimmunity, well known in NOD.H2(h4) mice, has not been investigated in NOD.H2(k) mice. We compared NOD.H2(h4) and NOD.H2(k) strains for(More)
Autoimmune diseases result from a break in immune tolerance. Various mechanisms of peripheral tolerance can protect against autoimmunity, including immunoregulatory CD4(-)CD8(-) double-negative (DN) T cells. Indeed, we have previously shown that diabetes-prone mouse strains exhibit a low proportion of DN T cells relative to that of diabetes-resistant mice,(More)
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