Geneviève Alain

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The incorporation of memories into dreams is characterized by two types of temporal effects: the day-residue effect, involving immediate incorporations of events from the preceding day, and the dream-lag effect, involving incorporations delayed by about a week. This study was designed to replicate these two effects while controlling several prior(More)
We describe a male neonate with severe combined immunodeficiency who at birth had acute graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) as a result of maternal-fetal transfusion during pregnancy. Several clinical signs helped establish this diagnosis. Findings of a skin biopsy specimen confirmed the diagnosis of acute GVHD. Immunologic evaluation disclosed an absence of T(More)
BACKGROUND Among Parkinsonian axial signs, dysarthria represents an important disabling symptom able to lead towards a significant reduction of oral communication. Several methods of dysarthria assessment have been used but aerodynamic evaluation is rare in the literature. OBJECTIVE To highlight the importance of aerodynamic parameters measurements in(More)
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