Geneene N. Thompson

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PURPOSE To examine associations between individual and vicarious racial discrimination via the Internet and psychological adjustment. METHODS This study was a cross-sectional survey using a school-based sample of adolescents. Two hundred sixty-four high school students aged 14-18 completed the online survey. RESULTS Twenty percent of whites, 29% of(More)
The relationship among adolescents' (N = 228) ethnic identity, outgroup orientation, and online intergroup experiences was examined across three groups: European Americans, ethnic minorities (i.e., Latino and African Americans), and multiracials. Similar to previous studies, ethnic minorities reported significantly higher ethnic identity than European(More)
This study evaluates the results of drug therapy and psychotherapy in post-traumatic psychoneurosis. The study was undertaken because of the frequent need to estimate the costs of treatment since the illness may at times be the result of a compensable injury. Patients with this illness are frequently parties in litigation. Over the past twelve years, fifty(More)
The present research examined whether the nature of gender differences varies by race for two types of academic engagement in the classroom (help avoidance and voice with the teacher) in a sample of early adolescents (N = 456; 55% female, 60% African American and 40% European American) making the transition to middle school. Growth curve analyses indicated(More)