Gene Spafford

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This report presents a prototype architecture for an active derense mechanism for computer systems. The intrusion detection problem is introduced and some of the key aspects of any solution arc explained. Previous allempts to use similar techniques are discussed, and their shortcomings are explained. A new architecture is proposed which uses Genetic(More)
This paper describes our approach to assured information sharing. The research is being carried out under a MURI 9Multiuniversiyt Research Initiative) project funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR). The main objective of our project is: define, design and develop an Assured Information Sharing Lifecycle (AISL) that realizes the DoD's(More)
This paper is a republication of an original blog post by Gene Spafford with a title of the same name. It includes comments on the general lack of women in the computing subfield of cybersecurity and advice for both men and women. The original blog posting can be found at
The author is indebted to the following people who reviewed and made many useful comments on early drafts of this paper: Jim Amsden, Fred Barrett, Read Fleming, Dave Fortin, Jacquey Harkness, Don Heitzmann, and Fred Wild. David Fortin collected and described the information and product architecture presented in the Design and Implementation Approach(More)
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