Gene Lee

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BACKGROUND Gambia is the second GAVI support-eligible country to introduce the 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV7), but a country-specific cost-effectiveness analysis of the vaccine is not available. Our objective was to assess the potential impact of PCVs of different valences in The Gambia. METHODS We synthesized the best available(More)
Multi-resolution modeling (MRM) includes many different approaches. It is very well known by the Distributed Simulation community that the High Level Architecture (HLA) is an architecture designed to facilitate interoperability and software reuse. Therefore, the unit of MRM is usually the federate. Multi-resolution representation of entities consists in(More)
There is a lack of interoperability, limited reuse and loose integration between the Live, Virtual and/or Constructive assets across multiple Standard Simulation Architectures (SSAs). There has been much research to solve these problems but their solutions resulted in complex and inflexible integration, long time of user-usage and high cost for LVC(More)
Interoperation of simulation models is an important issue due to high level requirements of reusability, scalability, and eventually training effect. Achieving Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) simulation interoperability is a main goal and a major challenge for M&S community. High interoperability quality in LVC simulation environment is a(More)
Innovative strategies for effective basin-scale salinity management have been developed in the Hunter River Basin of Australia and more recently in the San Joaquin River Basin of California. In both instances web-based stakeholder information dissemination has been a key to achieving a high level of stakeholder involvement and the formulation of effective(More)
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