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The International Parenting Survey-Canada: Exploring Access to Parenting Services
This article presents results of a survey investigating parents' needs for parenting services, their access to and preferences for parenting programs. Canadian parents (N = 2,340) completed theExpand
Development in Syntactic and Strategic Aspects of Audience Adaptation Skills in Written Persuasive Communication
Development in Syntactic and Strategic Aspects of Audience Adaptation Skills in WrittenPersuasive CommunicationAuthor(s): Donald L. Rubin and Gene L. PicheReviewed work(s):Source: Research in theExpand
The Securitization of the US–Canada Border in American Political Discourse
Abstract. In this paper, the authors analyze the empirical process of securitization of the US–Canada border and then reflect on the model proposed by the Copenhagen School. We argue thatExpand
Maternal Lifetime Depressive/Anxiety Disorders and Children's Internalizing Symptoms: The Importance of Family Context.
Results highlight the important contribution of the family context to the intergenerational transmission of internalizing symptoms and the relevance of taking into account children's developmental period and support the importance of early screening of children's self-reportedinternalizing symptoms, among children of depressed/anxious parents. Expand
Correlates of Depressive Disorders in the Quebec General Population 6 to 14 Years of Age
The ranking of correlates indicates a major contribution of only-child status/ordinal position, parent's major depressive disorder, stressful family events, and parent-child relationship, thereby supporting the hypothesis of the relevance of family context in the development of depression. Expand
Kindergarten Self-Regulation as a Predictor of Body Mass Index and Sports Participation in Fourth Grade Students.
Identifying early precursors of body mass index (BMI) and sports participation represents an important concern from a public health perspective and can inform the development of preventiveExpand
Interaction Effects between Maternal Lifetime Depressive/Anxiety Disorders and Correlates of Children’s Externalizing Symptoms
We investigated the interaction effects between mother’s lifetime depressive/anxiety disorders and psychosocial correlates of 6 to 11 year-old children’s self-reported externalizing symptoms in theExpand
Effects of structural organizers on ninth-grade students' comprehension and recall of four patterns of expository text.
THIS STUDY examined the effects of providing subjects with prior information about the organization of expository passages. Subjects, 224 high-, middle-, and low-ability ninth-grade students, wereExpand