Gene Johnson

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  • Maria Alice, Ornellas Pereira, Alfredo Pereira, Jr, Gene Johnson
  • 2006
A correlation between depression and resistance to insulin was recently discovered. How to conciliate this finding with the fact that glucose transport to neurons is not made directly by insulin? We present an explanatory hypothesis based on a mechanism of dynamical glucose balance in the brain that includes lactate transport from astrocytes to neuronal(More)
OBJECTIVE Given the proliferation of peer-delivered services and its growing but insufficient empirical base, we undertook a randomized trial to examine the effects of such services on individuals with severe psychiatric disabilities undergoing a civil commitment. METHOD We recruited n = 113 individuals who were civilly committed for inpatient treatment.(More)
OBJECTIVE Peer-delivered services have burgeoned, and evidence of the effectiveness of peer support is increasing. However, the potential benefits to peer support specialists (PSSs) themselves are not as well understood. The authors conducted a survey of PSSs to examine potential benefits. METHODS A survey instrument was developed and refined and sent(More)
The quantum theory of mind allows a shift from the Mind/Brain metaphysical problem to the Quantum Mind/Classical Brain scientific problem: how could systematic and coherent quantum processes-assumed to be the physical support of our conscious experiences-occur in a macroscopic system as the brain? I discuss a solution based on a neurobiological model that(More)
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