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IBM SPSS for Introductory Statistics: Use and Interpretation
Thisbook describes the use of statistics in user-friendly, non-technicallanguage to show readers how to choose the appropriate statistic based on the design, interpret output, and write about the results to help students analyze and interpret research data using IBM SPSS.
The relationship of critical thinking to performance on the NCLEX-RN.
Results showed that there was a difference between participants who passed and failed the NCLEX-RN on both the entry and exit CCTST and CCTDI, and neither instrument was useful in the prediction of NCLEx-RN performance.
SPSS for introductory statistics : use and interpretation
This chapter discusses Variables, Research Problems and Questions, Data Coding, Entry, and Checking, and Measurement and Descriptive Statistics, and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA).
SPSS for Windows: An introduction To Use and interpretation in Research
An overview of SPSS for Windows, James Lyall Research Problems and Questions, and Checking Data and Descriptive Statistics Selecting and Interpreting Inferential Statistics Cross Tabulation, Chi-square and Phi Associating Variables - Pearson and Spearman.
Roads Scholars: Part-Time Faculty Job Satisfaction in Community Colleges
Are part-time faculty members satisfied with their roles in higher education? Data from part-time faculty responses regarding their experiences in higher education vary. Valadez and Antony (2001)
A Theory of Women's Career Choice in Construction Management: Recommendations for Academia
The construction industry is the second most segmented labor market, narrowly behind manufacturing and mining. Construction management degree programs at colleges and universities throughout the