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Increased tomato fruit quality in response to increased salinity is well documented (Li, 2000). However, the increased fruit quality is achieved at the expenses of severe yield losses mostly due to reduced fruit size (fresh weight) and increased incidence of physiological disorders such as blossom end rot (BER). The ability to minimize the negative effects(More)
The application of hybrid buses for public transport on mountain route is an attractive idea because of the low pollutant emission footprint in touristic areas and the possibility to exploit the down hill route and the frequent stops to recover energy. Nevertheless the use of these vehicles is challenging for many aspects: technologically, the winter(More)
The winter production of vegetable crops was being evaluated within a retractable flat roof greenhouse (RRGH) under arid conditions (i.e. high light, high air temperature, low humidity). The RRGH included a woven, water porous polyethylene horizontal roof cover, which was automatically deployed (crop is covered) or stowed (crop is directly exposed to(More)
In a previous study, a compost water extract (CWE) applied to pea seedlings resulted in >95 % protection against root infection. The protection was correlated with retention of a sheath of root border cells surrounding each root tip. A transient exposure to CWE was correlated with 80 % reduction in infection, and with retention of border cell sheaths. Early(More)
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