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Numerical linear algebra algorithms use the inherent elegance of matrix formulations and are usually implemented using C/C++ floating point representation. The system implementation is faced with practical constraints because these algorithms usually need to run in real time on fixed point digital signal processors (DSPs) to reduce total hardware costs.(More)
This paper proposes to investigate the Differential Mode (DM) input impedance of a DC-DC converter. This parameter is crucial for network analysis, in a wide frequency range, from very low frequency for network stability analysis up to several tens of MHz for EMC studies. Analytical approach based on signal processing theory is developed, validated by(More)
The presence of numerous power electronics converters on embedded networks, originates EMC issues. EMC modeling of power electronic converters is tricky due to modeling complexity. Indeed, on one side, EMC study needs the finest characterization of each element, thus, only a few numbers of converters plugged to the network can be described. On the other(More)
Digital signal processing is a stealth technology. It is the core enabling technology in everything from your cellphone to the Mars Rover. It goes much further than just enabling a one-time breakthrough product. It provides ever-increasing capability; compare the performance gains made by dial-up modems with the recent performance gains of DSL and cable(More)
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