Gene Boe

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This review complements a report by Oswalt who reviewed blood donor motivation and recruitment. Thirty-one studies were reviewed that provided insight into blood donor motivation, blood donor characteristics, blood donor personality, and non-donor motivation. From the review, it was possible to draw conclusions regarding: 1) the most often identified(More)
The prevalence of Hepatitis B surface antigen (HB(S)Ag) and antibody (anti-HB(S)) seropositivity and the association of seropositivity with demographic, personal health, and professional experiences were studied in a cohort of Army Medical Department officer personnel. Serologic evidence of Hepatitis B infection was found in 5.0 per cent of personnel and(More)
Model Predictive Control (MPC), a control algorithm which uses an optimizer to solve for the optimal control moves over a future time horizon based upon a model of the process, has become a standard control technique in the process industries over the past two decades. In most industrial applications, a linear dynamic model developed using empirical data is(More)