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Why Elephants Gallop: Assessing and Predicting Organizational Performance in Federal Agencies
'In a recent article published in this journal, the authors argued that elephants and public organizations have something in common. Both are saddled with inaccurate stereotypes. Elephants are
Building Social Capital: Civic Attitudes and Behavior of Public Servants
This study compares public servants and other citizens with regard to several important civic attitudes and behaviors that are closely related to social capital. These attributes include social
Individual Conceptions of Public Service Motivation
Many scholars and practitioners of public administration converge on the belief that some individuals are predisposed to perform public service. James L. Perry (1996) recently clarified the public
Public Service Motivation: A Systematic Literature Review and Outlook
Over the past two decades, research on public service motivation has seen rapid growth. Despite the relatively large number of publications to date, no systematic research overview has been created,
The Impact of Red Tape on Governmental Performance: An Empirical Analysis
This study investigates the impact of red tape on governmental performance in the context of English local government. Both the red tape and performance constructs are multidimensional, so
Variation in verbal fluency: A latent variable analysis of clustering, switching, and overall performance
The results are discussed within the context of a two-stage cyclical search process in which participants first search for higher order categories and then search for specific items within these categories.
On the role of episodic future simulation in encoding of prospective memories
The results from two experiments are consistent with the idea that episodic future simulation is an important component of encoding prospective memories and suggest that current theories of prospective memory need to be updated to fully account for the ability to encode, retrieve, and fulfill intentions for the future.