Gena B. White

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Parasitological and entomological studies on malaria were conducted between 1980 and 1982 on the Amani hills in the eastern Usambara mountains of north-eastern Tanzania. Malaria vectors were scarce on the Amani hills until the late 1960s and it was generally presumed that any cases of malaria transmission must have been contracted by people while visiting(More)
Occupational stereotypes among college students are examined. College students rated the 106 occupations contained in the Strong Interest Inventory according to the degree persons in these occupations contained masculine or feminine traits or according to the proportion of men and women employed in them. Men and women made equivalent ratings of(More)
110 people in whom insulin-dependent diabetes developed when they were less than 30 years old were studied as soon as possible after diagnosis. There was evidence for clustering of cases with BW15-positive phenotypes during the winter peak (1976) but not during the autumn peak (1975). Subjects who were BW15-positive, and in particular those who were both B8(More)
Human X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency disease (SCID) is an immunodeficiency disorder in which T cell development is arrested in the thymic cortex. B lymphocytes in children with X-linked SCID seem to differentiate normally. X-linked SCID is associated with a mutation in the gene that encodes the IL-2R gamma-chain. Because TCR-beta gene(More)
The reovirus-like particles present in the feces of young pigs and foals with acute enteritis and the virus causing epizootic diarrhea of infant mice were found to be indistinguishable morphologically from each other, from the South African SA. 11 and "O" viruses, and from the rotaviruses of children and calves. The inner capsid layer of each of these(More)